REPOST:- Trigger Warning: Plastic — The Rambling Mermaid

As a scuba diver, I’ve gotten to see the devastating effects of plastic first hand. On a dive in Mexico I passed a hawksbill turtle with a plastic bag wrapped around it’s mouth. I tried to get close but the turtles in that area don’t usually approach divers and although it wasn’t too comfortable with […]

Trigger Warning: Plastic — The Rambling Mermaid

Today I am sharing a post that deeply resonated with me and how I think about plastic in relation to our oceans. I was about to write a post of my own (which I will do anyway) but wanted to share what The Rambling Mermaid has posted. And as I said in my comment to her post, I am not a diver, I am not as physically up close and personal with the plastic pollution in our oceans – but that does not mean I do not care about it deeply. We are all here because of our oceans, the fact that we can live on this hospitable planet where the conditions are just right is due to the oceans. Literally none of this, no land, no people, no animals, nothing would exist if it weren’t for the oceans.

As Silvia Earle put it so simply: “No ocean, no life. No ocean, no us”.

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